Rotaract District Organization 3190

Rotaract Membership Extension

Guest Speakers: 

  1. Rtn. Ravi Vadlamani 
  2. Rtn. Rtr. Kaushal Sahu 

An Online session conceptualized by SEARIC and hosted by Rotaract District Council 3190, was graced by World Rotaract Co-Chair PDG Rtn. Ravi Vadlamani and SEARIC MDIO president PDRR Rtr. Rtn. Kaushal Sahu. 

Membership extension and growth were the 2 key objectives of the session while understanding the world of Rotary and Rotaract beyond 3190 was an added advantage, thanks to the eminent speakers and their keynote addresses. 

PDG Rtn. Ravi candidly addressed the participants on the need to grow and go ahead with a “Double or Nothing” in this fast-paced world of philanthropy and social impact. He also stressed the importance of social media, suggesting creating a resource kit for membership extension. 

PDRR Rtr. Rtn. Kaushal Sahu presented the SEARIC MDIO initiative on membership extension, “Show Rotaract Grow Rotaract” to reach 1 million members by the year 2029. This initiative is a boost for Rotaractors across districts of South Asia to promote and add members. There are exciting recognitions and awards for clubs who will participate in this campaign. 

Post the key note address by the speakers, participants witnessed a panel discussion addressing the Membership Growth in Rotaract which was moderated by Rtn. Rtr. Chetan.

Key questions/points discussed in the panel: 

Membership extension in Rotaract, is it quality or quantity? 

  • When one reaches out for members, it is paramount that we look for a collective, Integrity, leadership and service mindset. 
  • The aim should be to spread the message for joining i.e. quantity, while focus should be on retaining quality. 
  • It is advised to reach out to maximum individuals, based on their interest they either stay or discontinue. Hence, greater the numbers greater the chances of retention. 

Elevate Rotaract and the steps ahead? 

  • Elevate Rotaract is a gesture by the Rotary fraternity which acknowledges the power of youth across the globe. 
  • Training plays a vital role in building a strong foundation for Rotaractors to be at par with Rotary. 
  • Rotaractors are now invited to represent Rotaractors at the trustees meeting, invited to echo the views at the preconvention, to employ Rotaractors at their zonal offices. 
  • One giant step for Rotaractors is the eligibility for the global grants program. 
  • Individual dues to be formalized early next year which will enable Rotaractors to a wider network of the Rotary International fraternity. 
  • Integration will take time, but it is not long, and the winds of change are fierce said PDG Rtn. Ravi Vadlamani. 

Elevate Rotaract and what Support comes from MDIO’s.? 

  • Communication on the changes which will be in force as part of elevate Rotaract. 
  • Extensive training and district wise campaigns to enable district Rotaract leaders to embrace changes. 

How to proactively engage City plus clubs under the district? 

  • To promote the college’s interest in promoting a brand in the market through Rotaract. 
  • Engage awareness/orientation sessions for faculty and students alike to pave way for bringing them into the Rotaract fraternity. 
  • Promote Cause based clubs, E Clubs, Rotaract Sponsored clubs. 

E-clubs is this the new way ahead? 

  • E-clubs are here to stay, online platforms are creeping in our day to day lives as a Rotarian or a rotaractor. 
  • The flexibility of being able to make an impact regardless of physical presence is a blessing in disguise, should not be a hindrance but taken to scale up activities. 
  • To have a hybrid version and know the thin line on when to meet and through what means, physical or virtual. 
  • To bring collective interests together and form a coalition of likeminded people. 


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