Rotaract District Organization 3190

"A key Administrator, who has a knack for Team Management, and a Perfectionist but a People's person by heart. He truly strives to ensure that everyone gets a platform to explore the spectrum of possibilities offered through Rotaraction."

Rtr. Anurag Patwary

District Rotaract Representative

"An adept Planner, and has the vision to lead the way forward through change and novel ideas. A truly Innovative individual who beat the hard times and aptly involved our Rotaract community to impact society."

Rtr. Raj Vamshi KB

Immediate Past District Rotaract Representative

"A gregarious individual, with impeccable networking skills, and also a humble, down to earth person at heart. He is always there whenever you need him and punctually present at every event, with that jolly smile and infamous Selfie moment."

Rtr. Joseph Wilson

District Rotaract Representative Elect

"An individual with a charming personality and an ever-positive enigma, with a flair for her flamboyant oration. That smile that brightens up the room coupled with her jovial attitude towards making work fun & cheerful, motivates the Team to strive harder."

Rtr. Akshatha S B

District Secretary Administration

"Our very own "Dynamite", a dynamic individual with his non-stop energetic personality, brings his fun-loving attitude to every gathering. He's the unswerving support that every team needs, and the man you call when you need to get the work done adroitly."

Rtr. Atharva Deshmukh

District Secretary Operations

"A quick & avid learner, creative mind, one-woman army and one who's constantly working behind the scenes. A shoulder to fall on to and the person who's always got your back. She is a genuinely hard-working individual, who quietly gets the job done."

Rtr. Monisha Chinthala

District Join Secretary

"Namma "FireBall", with an unstoppable energetic personality, ever-ready to blaze his way towards success. With the talent to organize & pull off large-scale events to creating amazingly embellished content, he's got it all."

Rtr. Surya Kiran K

District Events Head

"Our compassionate "Chandler Bing" of the team, a calm minder individual, who's always there when you need him. His reliable nature coupled with the prodigious list of connections & contacts, on the whole truly resourceful."

Rtr. Abhay Lohia

District Resource Head

"A man with discipline, a meticulous attitude, and the proficient capability to lead the team. His journey through Rotaraction enabled him to build a skill to connect and collaborate with countless Organisations to help serve the community."

Rtr. Chetan U

District Task Force & Coalition

"A humble heart, an excellent mentor by nature, someone who has diverse experience in many aspects."

Rtn. Rtr. Bharathi Mani

District Next Gen. Director

"A songster who is devoted to learning new things , admires traveling and who's a born dancer."

Rtr. Nishant Jain

Rotary Information Director

"An exuberant socializer who would light up the environment instantly."

Rtr. Syed Aejaz E Ahmed

DRR's Home Club President

"An individual who is very fond of inspiring and motivating people."

Rtr. Hemant Chhajer

District Treasurer

"An enthusiastic organizer, someone who loves people management."

Rtr. Rashi Pareek

District Joint Treasurer

"A scrupulous listener, a very tranquil person by nature."

Rtr. Gajula Pankaj

District Sponsorship Director

"A man of his words, someone who is always ready to lend a helping hand to the society."

Rtr. Abhinav Hooli

Zonal Rotaract Representative - Zone Violet

"She is someone who has a methodical rhythm in her work style, planning and organizing being her strong suits."

Rtr. Ramya Aswathnarayana

Zonal Rotaract Representative - Zone Violet

"A humble down to earth person, someone who has a great computer knowledge and is very passionate about coding."

Rtr. Chethan Krishna G R

Zonal Rotaract Representative - Zone Indigo

"A dedicated Rotaractor, a person willing to volunteer anytime and anywhere which shows his commitment towards the Rotaract movement."

Rtr. Mohammed Siddique Shah

Zonal Rotaract Representative - Zone Indigo

"A sports enthusiast, someone who is very inventive and resourceful."

Rtr. Anirudh G Kulkarni

Zonal Rotaract Representative - Zone Blue

"An experienced Rotaractor, a super calm and patient person by nature."

Rtr. Preetham T

Zonal Rotaract Representative - Zone Blue

"An enthusiastic Rotaractor, someone who is ever-ready to serve the community."

Rtn. Rtr. Kiran SHS

Zonal Rotaract Representative - Zone Green

"A dedicated Rotaractor, a creative mind who is committed to his duties."

Rtn. Rtr. Tarun U

Zonal Rotaract Representative - Zone Green

"A cheerful, fun-loving person, someone who's presence lights up the room."

Rtr. Likitha P Mahdiker

Zonal Rotaract Representative - Zone Yellow

"A perfectionist by nature, punctuality is his forte! Someone who is always willing to help people."

Rtr. Sachidhananand Chinnadurai

Zonal Rotaract Representative - Zone Yellow

Rtr. Kiran Jayraj

Zonal Rotaract Representative - Zone Orange

Rtr. Prajwal M

Zonal Rotaract Representative - Zone Orange

Rtr. Ar.Shreyas Raghu

Zonal Rotaract Representative - Zone Red

Rtr. Nitin R Kashyap

Zonal Rotaract Representative - Zone Red

"A motivated, enterprising & creative person. For her Rotaract is fellowship, making friends & memories."

Rtr. Shreya Hadimani

Club Service Director - Communication

"A very approachable, adventurous & fun-loving person. For him, Rotaract is to have a fine mix of service and fun."

Rtr. Rohan A

Club Service Director - Execution

"An extremely motivated, vocal & committed person. Her strong conviction for community service is what drives her. She is very meticulous in her work and constantly inspires everyone around her to the same perfection."

Rtr. Sharanya Sridhar

Community Service Director - Communication

"A fine combination of fun & logic. He is a very driven and motivated person and has a practical approach to a situation. For him, Rotaract is all about making new friends, new memories in parallel to contributing to society."

Rtr. A N Amogh Simha

Community Service Director - Execution

"A very talented and extremely hardworking person who never shies away from learning. She is motivated and motivated others too in a very creative manner."

Rtr. Esha Goswami

International Service Director - Communication

"A committed person who chooses to be silent but lets his work speak for him."

Rtr. Ashish Verma

International Service Director - Execution

"A hardworking, talented & organized person who diligently excels at any work assigned to her."

Rtr. Nida R Syed

Professional Development Director - Communication

"A very humble & accountable person who loves to learn to be the better version of himself. He is amazing with scheduled & timelines. Above all, he is extremely practical in his approach."

Rtr. Sandesh B

Professional Development Director - Execution

"An exceptional graphic designer, humble & down to earth individual, with the constant eagerness to learn and improve."

Rtr. Chidambar B K

Distrct Public Relations Director

"A passionate videographer, a very fond photographer, someone who is always willing to serve society & be there for his team."

Rtr. Krishna Mukhopadhyay

District Public Relations Director

"A graphic designer, who loves building PC and enjoys gaming, someone who is pro at his work and have strategies to foster the society."

Rtr. Sachin Prakash

District Public Relations Director

"Our very own tech-savvy Member, efficient and resourceful, who is very dedicated to his work."

Rtr. Abhinand Bhavan

District Public Relations Director

"A passionate reader and painter, who is creative and loves baking, someone who is always ready to take up challenges and willing to bring a change in the society."

Rtr. Sneha Maheshwari

District Editor

"A writer, who is good at life analogies and enjoys networking with people, someone who is willing to contribute towards the welfare of society."

Rtr. T Thejusvani

District Joint Editor

"A very hardworking and a committed individual, someone who is always there to help those in need."

Rtr. Chandra Muthu V

District Events Director

"A person with a strong work ethic, a passionate singer and someone who loves mimicking."

Rtr. Ram Narayanan

District Events Director

"A human form of grit, an individual who is very fond of graphic designing and video editing."

Rtr. Akash Chanani

District Coalition Director

"A very humble and jovial personality, a super responsible and a go-to person for any matter."

Rtr. Rtn. Rohan Ravikumar

District Coalition Director

"A speaker, who is a pro at organizing events and enjoys watching docuseries."

Rtr. Vasuki Krishnan

Directors - Peace and Conflict Resolution

"A chef, who loves dancing and singing."

Rtr. Haripriya P

Directors - Water & Sanitation

"A storyteller, who loves insectarium and herbarium."

Rtr. Ashika Ashokan

Directors - Maternal & Child Health

"A cricketer, who enjoys listening music and contributing towards the society."

Rtr. Rahul R

Directors - Basic Education & Literacy

"A traveller, who loves singing and sketching."

Rtr. Prerana Vinay Kulkarni

Directors - Economic & Community Development

"A nature lover, who is very organised and dynamic."

Rtr. Chandana PM

Directors - Supporting the Environment

"A reader, who loves cooking and is fond of music."

Rtr. Gayathri.M.V

District Treasury Team

"A disciplined individual, who is always keen to explore and learn newer aspects."

Rtr. Mohammed Munawwar

District Treasury Team

"A brilliant chess player, who prefers upgrading his skills during leisure time."

Rtr. Vishal S

District Treasury Team

"A lively person, who loves to spread joy around her."

Rtr. Niharika Dutta

District Treasury Team

"A guitarist, who loves to learn new languages and interact with people."

Rtr. Jagaddish Chinda

District Treasury Team

"An efficient team player, and a humble person."

Rtr. Srikant MP

District Treasury Team

"An efficient team player, and a humble person."

Rtr. Srikant MP

District Treasury Team

"A young and zealous person, who radiates her energy endlessly."

Rtr. Trisha Sultania

District Treasury Team

"A courteous individal, who radiates positivity."

Rtr. Tayyib Shariff

Club Service Team

"An artist, who loves exploring new places and is passionate towards serving the society."

Rtr. Shabana

Club Service Team

"A swimmer, who is versed in storytelling and reading books."

Rtr. Rithik TR

Club Service Team

"A dancer, who enjoys cooking and reading books during her leisure time."

Rtr. Muskaan Thadani

Club Service Team

"A traveller, who loves binge watching and is a master in management."

Rtr. Darshith G

Club Service Team

"A traveller, who is a pro at making handmade goodies."

Rtr. Ashwini Rajshekhar

Club Service Team

"A reliable person, who is always ready to help people around him."

Rtr. Prithvi Raj K S

Club Service Team

"A courteous human being, who is always willing to support his fellow mates."

Rtr. Surakshith S

Community Service Team

"A music lover, who enjoys sports and playing pubg ."

Rtr. Sathya Priyan M

Community Service Team

"A perseverant person, who is ever-ready to toil."

Rtr. Ramprasad M

Community Service Team

"A kind and humble person, who loves working in a team."

Rtr. Nandini G

Community Service Team

"A writer, who loves reading and enjoys cooking during her leisure time."

Rtr. Namrata Sain

Community Service Team

"A person who loves spending time at old age home and enjoys gardening."

Rtr. Ebenezer Kingsley E

Community Service Team

"A sincere team member, and a reliable person."

Rtr. Ayush Jain

Community Service Team

"An enthusiastic team player, who readily contributes her efforts whenever needed."

Rtr. Tasmiya Ali Khan

International Service Team

"A swimmer who loves gyming and painting during her leisure time."

Rtr. Sindhu Priya

International Service Team

"A person who enjoys binge watching series and playing outdoor sports ."

Rtr. Meghana S

International Service Team

"A person, who enjoys quizzing and reading literatures."

Rtr. Emily Joseph

International Service Team

"A poet, who loves sketching and cooking."

Rtr. Manisha Kumari Jha

International Service Team

"A trained singer, who enjoys listening to music and contributing towards the society."

Rtr. Anjana Krishnamurthy

Professional Development Team

"A person who loves trekking, collecting coins and serving the society."

Rtr. Lalita Deepak

Professional Development Team

"An energetic team player, who loves reading books and watching documentaries."

Rtr. Pavan Kalyan M

Professional Development Team

"A poet, who loves singing and meditating during her leisure time."

Rtr. Ranvitha Swaroop

Professional Development Team

"A graphic designer, who enjoys reading books and watching series."

Rtr. Shreyanka Kumbar

Professional Development Team

"An avid reader who enjoys writing voraciously."

Rtr. Vivek M

Professional Development Team

"A very resourceful person with a creative mind, someone who is always willing to work for the society."

Rtr. Vivian John Thenguvila

Professional Development Team

"A fun-loving person, who enjoys working and helping others."

Rtr. Jack Patro V

Public Relations Team

"A fitness freak, who loves designing and enjoys cooking during his leisure time."

Rtr. Rajeev Sulochan

Public Relations Team

"A mesmerizing dancer who enjoys sketching."

Rtr. Shreya R S

Public Relations Team

"A meme master, who is pro at designing and enjoys interacting with people."

Rtr. Syed Asad Raza Najafi

Public Relations Team

"A splendid content writer, who loves sketching and enjoys working out during her leisure time."

Rtr. Nidhisha K

Editorial Team

"A bibliophagist who is a mesmerizing classical dancer and an excellent orator."

Rtr. Sanjana Manjunath

Editorial Team

"A social butterfly, a fantastic anchor who enjoys listening to music in her leisure time."

Rtr. Tejaswini

Editorial Team

"A very graceful dancer, who enjoys listening to music and working on her skills during her free time."

Rtr. Soumi Bhattacharyya

Editorial Team

"An enthusiastic and lively person, someone who enjoys music and writing quotes."

Rtr. Bareddy Uma Maheshwara Reddy

District Events Team

"A super energetic enthu-cutlet, a person who loves networking with people."

Rtr. K Achutha Kumar

District Events Team

"A very good team manager, a splendid leader who is always ready to serve the society."

Rtr. Rohith S

District Events Team

"A person, who is always up for upskilling and making a change in the society."

Rtr. Aniruddh Sharma

District Events Team

"A person who cherishes trekking and someone who is fascinated by reading."

Rtr. Shiva Kumar Nimgal Y

District Sergeant at Arms Team

"A dynamic women, someone who is filled with zeal and has an optimistic approach to life."

Rtr. Vibha Sastry

District Sergeant at Arms Team

"A traveller who is fond of games and is always ready to contribute towards the welfare of the society."

Rtr. Sankalp

District Sergeant at Arms

"An explendid rider, someone who enjoys gyming and watching movies."

Rtr. Nagendra E

District Sergeant at Arms

"An explorer, a marvelous cricket player, and someone who enjoys football."

Rtr. Harsh Kumar Singh

District Sergeant at Arms

"A fantastic chess player, someone who is fascinated by horticulture, binge watching and reading novels being her hobbies."

Rtr. Gayathri N

District Sergeant at Arms

"A passionate Baker, an upfront person who enjoys watching drama."

Rtr. Anusha Seshadri Iyengar

District Sergeant at Arms

"A person who loves networking with people, someone who is a master at managing her work and priorities."

Rtr. Drishti Sah

District Fellowship Group

"A social butterfly who is always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need."

Rtr. Mahantesh S

District Fellowship Group

"A wonderful leader, a great team manager and someone who is fond of networking with people."

Rtr. Naina Deshmukh

District Fellowship Group

"A very resourceful person, someone who is up for anything and is always full of energy."

Rtr. Sudha Joshi

District Fellowship Group